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News For Week of December 22, 2014

STORING SWEET POTATOES (Monday, December 22):  "I am...I said," one of the greatest songs by Neil Diamond. Where are your Yams right this very minute? I'll give you a moment just to think about it. Where are your Yams? What? They are in the refrigerator? No way. You should never, ever in a million years, refrigerate your Sweet Potatoes or your Yams. Let me tell you what's going on inside here if you refrigerate that Sweet Potato or Yam. There are sugars and starch in here, that's what makes up the

News For Week of December 15, 2014

TURNIP GREENS (Monday, December 15): "Gone With The Wind." What a fabulous novel. There's a great line in that novel and in the movie by Scarlet O'Hara. Do you remember what that was? Yes, it's all about these. You don't remember? It was probably one of the greatest lines about produce ever in a movie or a book. It said: If it were not for Turnip Greens, we all would have perished during the Civil War. And it was Turnip Greens, very, very popular in the South. These are Turnips, and these are the greens of Tur

News For Week of December 8, 2014

SWEETEST SATSUMAS (Monday, December 8): Sammy Davis Junior, born this week, 1925. Who can make the sun shine? The Candy Man can. So I thought I'd talk about one of sweetest Citrus out there right now. When they’re sweet, they’re like candy. It's right here.

News For Week of December 1, 2014

BEAUTIFUL WINTER KIWIFRUIT (Monday, December 1): These right here: New Crop Kiwifruit, coming from California. Kiwifruit is a winter fruit just like Citrus. So when it's winter in California, that is when they have harvested their crop of Kiwifruit. These are still a little bit immature, they need to take some time to ripen. Let me cut this half ‑‑ in half and show you. A little bit light in color, but not bad at all. Do you see that juice? That's a very good sign, and these are ripening up perfect ‑‑ look at how beautiful t

News For Week of November 24, 2014

BUYING THE BEST FRESH CRANBERRIES (Monday, November 24): Will you do me a favor for Thanksgiving? Will you do Cranberries? Do fresh Cranberries. I know they have Cranberry sauce in the cans, and the Cranberry Jell‑O stuff, and jellied stuff in a can. But can you do fresh Cranberries? They are so easy. They even have organic Cranberries these days. So if you're really into organic, they even have the organic ones. Let me first show you how to pick out the best Cranberries. When you pick up a package of Cranberries, I want you

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