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News For Week of January 26, 2015

THE MARKS GUACAMOLE (Monday, January 26):  Getting you ready for Super Bowl XLIX, next weekend in Arizona. It's going to be a fantastic game, and the one thing you better have on your table if you're going to have guests, or friends, or family over: You better have a lot of chips and some guacamole. The best guacamole always begins with the best Avocado. There's no other Avocado that makes the Marks' guacamole like this Avocado. This is called a Hass Avocado. I know, I know, some of you just said, "Hey, Martha, did you hea

News For Week of January 19, 2015

ANJOU PEARS FROM FRANCE (Monday, January 19): The United States Ice Skating Championship, going on right now in North Carolina. So some of the top skaters in the United States are going to be there. So that got me starting to think: What are some of the top Produce Items in the United States? What is the top Pear, the top Winter Pear grown in the United States today? Happens to be right here. I know it kind of looks like the bell shape of a Bartlett, but this is a Winter Pear. The Bartlett is a Summer Pear, this is called a D'Anj

News For Week of January 12, 2015

 EAT NEW FRUITS AND VEGETABLES (Monday, January 12): What is the one thing that you would change in 2015? Well, Michael Marks, Your Produce Man, I have a couple things that I can think of. First of all: Eat more fruits and vegetables. If you did just one thing in 2015: Eat more fruits and vegetables. I guarantee you if you looked at your grocery list, you probably only have only six or seven Produce Items. We have three hundred and fifty in the Produce Department. So eat more fruits and vegetables. Try new Produce this

News For Week of January 5, 2015

GOURMET GARDEN HERBS (Monday, January 5): You know, Isaac Newton was born this week, 1643. Guy discovered gravity, he was a brilliant guy. Well, whoever was the person who discovered this stuff is brilliant, just as brilliant. Gourmet Garden, I have fallen in love with this. This is what you have mainly seen in the stores, but they've come out with a new product, and this is totally fresh Herbs. Let me  ‑‑ in fact, come over here. Come over here, I want to show you something. These are very cool. That is fresh Basil.&nb

News For Week of December 29, 2014

GORGEOUS TEXAS GRAPEFRUIT (Monday, December 29): There they are, right there. Come close, take a look at them. You know exactly what they are: The best Grapefruit grown on the face of the planet. That's right, Texas Grapefruit. By the way, Texas became a state in this week in 1845, and you know the history story of that? It became a state, the 28th state in the Union by just one vote in the US Senate, in Washington DC. So here they are. These are absolutely gorgeous. When you are picking out the best Grapefruit, here's what

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