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Produce News for August 10, 2009

BABY BANANAS (August 10):  Hey, today they’re celebrating their Independence Day in Ecuador.  They got their independence 1809 from Spain so I thought I’d talk about bananas.  Bananas?  That’s right.  About half of all the bananas in the world are actually grown and harvested in Ecuador, so it’s very important.  Now take a look at these cute little things.   Cute little baby bananas.  Aren’t these cute?  These are fully grown.  These are not just, you know, big bananas that they harvested early.  No.  This is a totally different variety.  Some of it is marketed as an El Nino or Nino variety.  Now what do you do with these?  Oh, my goodness!  My kids love these.  Here’s what we do with them.  We take these and we’re just going to take them nice and ripe and in our hands we’re going to roll them in our hands just like so.  You with me so far?  Oh, the…my boys…the Marks brothers love to do this.  Now follow me.  You’re just going to take this.  You’re just going to cut off the top like so. And look at this – it just oozes out kind of like Go-gurt, you know.  Kids love Go-gurt, and they have their own little carrying case as well.  I’m Michael MarksYour Produce Man.    (Takes Bite)
TEASE:  Hey, in my next Produce Man report, a fun way for your kids to eat little baby bananas.
ONIONS (Tuesday, August 11):  Julia Childs, the first lady of cooking, The Joy of Cooking, you know.  She was born this week in 1912.  And so I wanted to honor her with…here’s what she said.  “There are two things you must always have in your kitchen.”   No!  That wasn’t Festus from Gunsmoke.  That was Julie Childs.  There are two things you must always have in your kitchen.  One is celery.  The other – onions.  How can any cook worth their salt have any cooking at all without onions?  Now I just brought three different varieties.  These are three of the main varieties. I love white onions.  If you are making pizza, oh, my goodness!  I use white onions on my pizza.  Yellow onions, beautiful sweet onions, I love these.  Use them raw on salads.  We’ve been throwing them on the grill an awful lot this summer.  And also red onions.  I love these Italian sweet red onions.  They have a sweet but sometimes a little hot flavor, and these are great, you know, sliced and diced onto hot dogs or into your tacos.  I’m Michael Marks…Your Produce Man.
TEASE: Hey, in my next Produce Man reportthe Joy of Cooking.  Hey, it starts with onions.
CELERY (Wednesday, August 12): We’re honoring Julia Childs today, and yesterday we did as well.  And I thought it’d be fun…you know, she often said when she was alive.  She was born in 1912 by the way this week.  And The Joy of Cooking - the first lady of cooking shows right there.  She said, “There  are two things you must always have in your kitchen – onions and…celery.  That’s right.  You’ve got to have celery. Celery is the start to so much flavor.  Celery.  Oh, my mom would put celery in literally everything.  You cooked with it, raw salads, whatever it was, man, celery went in it.  And mirepoix.  You can’t have mirepoix without celery.  It’s one of the Holy Trinity.  So she was right.  If you’re not using celery…I love the celery tops. By the way these celery tops – any way you use fresh herbs, use those celery tops.  I just chop them up and put them into soups, stews, salads, whatever…if you’re making a sauce I use those as well.  But celery -  oh, my goodness.  You better fall in love with it again.  I’m Michael MarksYour Produce Man.
TEASE: Hey, in my next Produce Man report, The Joy of Cooking – well, we’re going to start with celery.
KIWI (Thursday, August 13):    We are going to have fun today.  We’re going to talk about kiwi fruit.  There’s more than just one way of eating a kiwi fruit.  Here’s a couple different ways.  We’re going to take a kiwi fruit here and of course we’re just going to slice it.  Of course that’s one way of eating a kiwi fruit, and you’re going to peel it and put that into your salads.  Here’s another way.  You’re going to cut it in half just like so and oh, we’ll cut off this end too.  And now it sits there.  Grab a spoon, and now you can just eat the fruit.  Well, let’s see here’s another way.  You take the fruit.  You with me?  Up here.  Get the fruit and just rub it on your shirt.  That gets off some of the fuzz, and take a bite.  (Takes Bite)  Mmm.  That’s a great way of eating a kiwi fruit.  Here’s yet another way of eating a kiwi fruit.  Ready for this?  We’re going to cut this in half, and we are going to squeeze the bottom in here and it just pops right out just like so.  And there’s…well, there’s three ways of eating your kiwi fruit – the healthiest fruit grown on planet Earth.  I’m Michael MarksYour Produce Man. (Takes Bite)  Mmmm.
TEASE:  Hey, in my next Produce Man report, 101 ways to eat…well, actually four ways to eat your kiwi fruit.  (Takes Bite)  Mmm.
GOLD KIWI (Friday, August 14):  You all know the regular kiwi fruit.  It’s right down here.  It’s this beautiful emerald green kiwi fruit.  It looks absolutely gorgeous - the sea of…the universe of seeds there.  Well, stay right there and don’t move.  I’m going to show you another one.  I’m going to slice this one in half.  Take a look at this. It is absolutely gorgeous. It’s called a Zespri gold kiwi fruit.  Big, big difference with this kiwi fruit.  Of course, the color.  Beautiful golden color.  Still has that universe of seeds in there.  Let me show you something else about this.  Take a look at this.  It has no fuzz on it.  That’s right.  No fuzz on thereIt has this cute little beak at the top.  Have you ever tried this? Oh, my goodness!  You’ve got to try.  When these ripen, these have a very rich and intense flavor.  My wife has literally fallen in love with gold.  Well, she always has liked gold, but she’s fallen in love with gold kiwi fruit, and you should as well.  I’m Michael MarksYour Produce Man.  (Take bite)  Mmm.