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Produce News for April 9, 2012

SWEET POTATOES (MONDAY, APRIL 9): Well, I hope you had a fantastic Easter weekend. I know I did. I hope you ate well. One of the traditional items for Easter meal is, of course, sweet potatoes. And I know from many, many people Easter's the last day of the year, well, before Thanksgiving that you ever touch another sweet potato and I just want to come and remind you sweet potatoes, all though they may be ugly they are indeed the healthiest vegetable grown on planet earth. So, please do not let this be the last time you enjoy the moist sweet potatoes.

Produce News for April 2, 2012

 NAVEL ORANGES (MONDAY, APRIL 2): Hey, the N. C. double A. National Championship basketball game tonight, what an exciting game that is going to be. You know there are a lot of basketball players that before they ever get on the court, they have a lot of oranges. There is a chemical in navel oranges in particular that help you breathe better. So when you are running up and down that court, you're going to breathe a lot easier. But I was noticing some of these navel oranges have you noticed that they are starting to get a little lopsided.

Produce News for March 26, 2012

CAULIFLOWER (MONDAY, MARCH 26): Beautiful cauliflower. You know this time of year we have some of the best supplies of cauliflower that you will ever find, but there is a certain way I want you to handle your cauliflower. When you walk up to the cauliflower, I do not want to see you grabbing the curd. See this white part, that's actually called the curd. I do not want to see you grabbing the curd with your fingers, because, actually what is going to happen, where you touched that and where you gripped it. It's going to bruise.

Produce News for March 19-23, 2012

SUPERSIZED SALAD LETTUCE (MONDAY, MARCH 19): So all this week we'regoing to talk about supersizing your salad. You know, it's time to get out that salad bowl and those salad tongs because we're going to make some salads just in time for spring. I've often said it is great to make your own salads. And so we're going to start with some iceberg lettuce. And what we do, we're just going to cut the head into 3/4 inch slabs. Then turn the slabs and cut it in about a half-inch to 3-quarter-inch cubes, and that's how we're going to do that.

Produce News for March 12, 2012

ONIONS (MONDAY, MARCH 12): Hey, FDR's fireside chat -- his very first fireside chat on this very day, 1933. So I'm gonna have a little chat with you. I'm sorry I don't have a little fireside here, but I'm gonna have a little chat with you about onions. This time of year we have what we call old crop onions, and we have new crop onions. Now, of course, a lot of the growers in the Northwest and around the country, they're trying to get rid of their old crop onions. And they're perfectly fine, there nothing wrong with 'em.

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