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Produce News for January 2, 2012

DIET (MONDAY, JANUARY 2): Our diet has gotten us into trouble. We are starting a new year, 2012, so I thought I'd talk a little bit about how we are going to start our diet in the new year, 2012. And you know 220 million people in the world today have diabetes. Many of them are going to die at a very young age, because of that disease. Here in the United States, 22 million people have diabetes and there are probably a few million more that don't know that they have it. Very, very dangerous. So what can we do about it? It all started really with our diet.

Produce News for December 26, 2011

SWEET POTATO (MONDAY, DECMEBER 26): All right, so Christmas is over, and you are checking out the pantry. And you realize, I bought way too many sweet potatoes. That’s cool if you did. Sweet potatoes are actually the most nutritious vegetable grown on planet earth today. So, you can’t have, in my humble produce opinion, you can’t have too many sweet potatoes. So, what you are going to do with your left over sweet potatoes? You’ve already had some sweet potatoes casserole, maybe some baked sweet potatoes. Here is what I suggest.

Produce News for December 19, 2011

HOW TO PICK CELERY (MONDAY, DECEMBER 19): All right, we are all planning our holiday dinner next weekend. So, I know that probably includes stuffing, and you’ll probably need some celery. So, how to pick out the perfect tin? That’s right, the perfect celery. There’s a couple of things that I want you to look for. First of all, when you first walk up to that big display, I want to you to look at the color. It needs to be a fairly light-green color, that means that it is going to be sweet celery. Not going to be really bitter.

Produce News for December 12, 2011

CUTIES (MONDAY, DECEMBER 12): My beautiful and lovely wife Julie. She oftentimes says, "Hey, cutie." She is referring to, actually these right here. Cuties, that's right, you have seen these Cuties. They have been in the store. They come in three‑pound‑containers, they come in five‑pound containers. What exactly is a Cutie tangerine? Well, Cutie is not actually variety of tangerine, Cutie, is just the brand of the box, that you see on the box that you see.

Produce News for December 5-9, 2011

APPLES FOR PIES (MONDAY, DECEMBER 5): Take a look at that right there. I have three different varieties of apples. Only three. You walk down the produce isle this time of year, you are going to find at least a dozen different varieties of apples. This is time of year I bring a little Marks brothers with me every time to the store or farmers market and say, look I want you to pick some apples. The reason that I have these three I have some Golden and Delicious, which is one of the sweetest apples you can find.

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