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Michael Marks, Your Produce Man, is trying to get America to eat healthier by preaching the gospel of fruits and vegetables.  In a very special taping session for the Produce for Better Health Foundation, Your Produce Man taped over 250 segments on the produce you love and eat.  Practical tips, storage and usage helps, and lots of fun, entertaining information about your favorite fruits and vegetables.  How do you pick out the best Watermelon?  How do you store your Cucumbers?  How do you cut an Onion without crying?  How did the Strawberry get its name?  You will learn more about produce from these videos than most people learn in lifetime.  You can find all of these videos easily on the video center at

Michael Marks, Your Produce Man, has been around the world and around the country checking out produce.  He has been to Mexico, Chile, Canada, the fields in Salinas, Cranberry bogs in the Northeast, Corn and Tomato fields in Florida, even aboard an aircraft carrier and nuclear powered submarine.  You can check out over 100 of these videos and more at  

Michael Marks, Your Produce Man has provided video to the largest produce distributor in North America.  He talks to chefs and kitchen managers about the produce they serve in their restaurants.  You can check out over 50 of these videos at